Web Pivot Table Builder JS pivot control + PivotData microservice backend


This example illustrates how PivotData Microservice can be used for building user-defined pivot table reports and charts.
  • All pivot table calculations, HTML rendering, exports are performed on the server-side by PivotData Microservice.
  • Builder UI (js frontend) may be embedded into any web application. This part is highly customizable.
  • Any dataset size for database sources; CSV files up to 200-500mb
  • Lighweight ROLAP engine for SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSql, SQLite, Amazon Redshift, Yandex ClickHouse, MongoDb.
  • Labels grouping (several dimensions) for rows/columns
  • Grand total, totals column and row, subtotals for grouped labels
  • Sort by table values, totals and labels (click on rows/columns/totals label)
  • Multiple values in one table, percentage/difference/running totals calculation, server-side pagination and TOP N limits, heatmap, custom formatting.
  • Pivot table exports: HTML table, CSV, Excel, PDF, JSON
  • Front-end (jQuery plugins) for interactive data exploration: fixed headers, sorting, filtering, pagination, drill-down.
  • OLAP server is NOT needed: all you need is PivotData Microservice (.NET Core app) that can be hosted on Linux or Windows server.
You can embed web pivot tables like that into your web application:
PivotData Microservice